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Our first face to face committee meeting for 2 years!

The committee held its first face to face committee meeting at the community centre in Eaton Park today (7/12/21) for the first time in 2 years! We welcomed three new committee members, Esme Staniforth whose taking over as membership secretary, Claire Read whose taken over as treasurer and Andy Coe who's volunteered to help on the committee in any way he can.

The committee's focus will be on helping the members an any way we can during the continuing difficult times and to look outward not inward. For example we're helping group to pay for their venues or zoom fees where their previous meeting places have been compromised during the pandemic.

We will put a form in the website for applying for help with costs.

David Parker with help from Andy Coe are hoping to issue a news update so if you have any photos of your group or news please send it to

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