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Join by filling in a single form

and pay by direct debit.


No more annual form filling

.. or annual renewals


Enter your name, address, sort code and account number you want the membership fee to come from and ..


That's it! 


72% of our membership pay via direct debit 

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British Pound Notes

Paying by cheque

Existing Members

Existing members can renew using the button above, but those who still wish to pay by cheque must send their payment to the membership secretary BEFORE September 1st every year with their membership number on the back of the cheque made out to "University of Third Age Norwich"

New Members


New members who wish to pay by cheque please fill in and return this form and return it to the membership secretary's address on the form with a cheque for the annual membership fee.


Your membership fee will be automatically taken annually shortly after Sep 1st each year. There are no paper forms to sign.


The direct debit is between our service provided GoCardless and your bank. U3A Norwich does not hold any banking information whereas GoCardless has all the necessary security and bank clearances and standards in place to do so. You can read more about them at


You can delete the direct debit at any time from your bank either manually or online via your bank's online system. We will be notified of the cancellation by GoCardless.


You can also end the agreement by contacting to delete the agreement

How do our direct debits work?

Payment Method
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