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Travel & Tourism Group

Group Convenor

Albie King

01603 507235

The purpose of the group is to discuss travelling and tourism, which mostly means our holidays (be they short or long).


The meetings are in two parts: an informal discussion and a talk. The discussion covers what we've all being doing recently and what we have planned ahead of us, and gives us a good opportunity to pass on our experiences to others who might be going to the same destination as well as keep us up to date on general travel information. Although our destinations are often far away, we also cover things that are much nearer (such as local festivals, local travel options, and stuff that's so close to home we hadn't even thought about it).


We take it in turns to give a talk, usually with photos, on places we've been to. Sometimes these may be about a particular trip but other times they might be about an oft visited area (or even a place where we used to live).


The group meets at 1:30 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Harford Community Centre on Hall Road, on the Asda site. Some folks meet up for lunch in a pub beforehand if you don't feel like cooking that day.

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