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Wednesday Pub Walks

Group Convenor

Peter Tyers

There are several walking groups within Norwich U3A, between them offering a variety of distances and arrangements; in our case we take a morning walk and finish with lunch in a pub.


We aim for at least four miles (to make it worth getting up for) but rarely longer than five miles (we don't want to be late for lunch). Our walks are usually within twenty miles or so of Norwich, though walks on the coast can be a little further away (but very nice on a warm, sunny day). In the winter we tend to stay closer to Norwich and occasionally walk within the city area itself.


We take it in turns to choose a pub and organise a walk from it, which gives us a good variety of pubs to choose from (and good ones often get revisited). We meet at 10:45 at the chosen pub, peruse the menu and place our orders, start walking at 11, and expect to be back for about 1.


We have four aims: pump the blood round a bit (as per doctors' orders), enjoy good company (good for our mental wellbeing), enjoy the Norfolk countryside, and get a decent meal (very important, that last one).

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