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Group Convenor

Jane Monks

01603 782496

The 2nd Wednesday and the last Friday of the month French workshop groups are open to the same people, if they wish to attend both.  The Friday workshop is on the last Friday of the month, so may fall on the 4th or 5th of the month.  We do not stop over the summer, as our age-group takes holidays at any time of the year and so the academic calendar is not relevant. Very occasionally there is no meeting if not enough members are able to attend.


Both groups meet mostly in various members’ homes, at present most often in Drayton, Old Catton, Postwick or Wroxham. This is arranged ad hoc. with information being shared by email.


They are relaxed and cooperative groups, with varied levels of fluency even including, at present, native speakers.  Members are ready to communicate in French for the two hours of the sessions.  These consist mainly of general conversation and study of texts of various kinds, which we read and translate, and anything else that members suggest.  Occasionally we listen to recordings.


The groups are dementia friendly.

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